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The price of oil has been on an upward trajectory since day one of President Biden’s administration when he implemented his anti-American energy agenda. And families have been left paying the price.

Unfortunately, President Biden’s decision to release one million barrels a day from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next six months will do little to impact prices. Americans don’t deserve inaction and cheap political stunts from this administration, they deserve real solutions.

In his statement below, House Republican Leader McCarthy calls on President Biden to stand up to the liberal activists running his party and instead shift to support domestic energy production.

“Washington Democrats that continue to oppose American energy are weakening our country. President Biden has spent 14 months indulging the wishes of liberal activists over the well-being of families. It has been a total disaster. Now, Biden lacks the common sense to dismantle his own policies that have hampered our domestic energy production. Instead, he is trying to divert attention by releasing another 180 million barrels from our emergency Strategic Reserves as a political ploy.

“The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is already at a 20-year low. Biden’s superficial, shortsighted stunt will cripple our future readiness and will not deliver relief from soaring prices. If Americans entrust House Republicans with the majority, we will focus on real solutions to lower gas prices, not ridiculous political spin that won’t solve our energy crisis.”

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