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“This majority — under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi — has to be one of the weakest Congressional terms in recent history. 

“They carried out the most partisan, rushed impeachment in U.S. history… They support defunding our police and shrinking our military budget. And they have repeatedly delayed relief for the American people…

“This week we learned 60% of businesses that shut down during the pandemic, nearly 100,000, have closed permanently. As Republicans we tried to use the so-called emergency session back in August to help our small businesses and replenish them with the successful Paycheck Protection Program… Democrats blocked those efforts.

“Americans still need relief from the economic fallout of the pandemic response. Congressional Republicans have come to the table with a targeted proposal. Democrats continue to delay COVID relief to pursue an unrelated liberal agenda. 

“We know Chinese spies are actively attempting to sabotage our vaccine research…

“After being away for weeks, here is what Democrats decided to make a priority this week instead:

“Renaming post offices, advocating for the pot industry, continuing to perpetuate their Postal Service conspiracy theory, and today they are debating a resolution condemning words they used themselves to name their own hearing.

“Think about that — Democrats called one of their own hearings: ‘The Wuhan Coronavirus: Assessing the Outbreak,’ and now this entire chamber is spending hours debating this issue…

“[Democrats] priorities are out of sync with the needs of the American people.

“Instead of failing America, Republicans stood up to make a Commitment to America. You watched us on the steps this week — we made a Commitment to America. What we’re doing now, and what we will do in the future.

“We believe that we can renew our way of life, defeat the virus, and keep America healthy. We do that by developing a vaccine that is safe and effective. We do that by protecting pre-existing conditions, tripling the rapid COVID testing, [and] lowering [the cost] of prescription drugs.

“We do that by making our streets safe and secure. By not defunding the police, but actually adding $1.75 billion for police training, community policing, and 500,000 body cameras.

“We will rebuild the greatest economy, adding 10 million new good-paying jobs. We do that by expanding PPP instead of holding it back from small businesses…

“We also do that by ending our dependency on China. Have we not learned… the damage our dependency on China has caused us?

“We also believe we can renew the American dream…

“Americans are fed up with political posturing and empty words.

“They want action and Republicans are ready to step up and lead. “