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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures this morning to discuss how Democrats’ socialist agenda helped House Republicans flip at least twelve Democrat seats this election. Leader McCarthy also urged moderate Democrats to stick to their word and sign Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s discharge petition to get Paycheck Protection Program funds to American small businesses and their employees.

Highlights of remarks are below, or watch online here.

On House GOP Success:

“We have more women than at any time serving in Congress, and the Republican party really has made great gains.

“Not only did we flip 12 [seats], there are four more races out there and we’re ahead in all four of them, so I’d expect as the week progresses it will end up somewhere around 212 – 213 seats.

“And it only takes 218 for a majority. This will be the closest majority at any time since World War II, and really, nobody saw this coming.

“The American people have now rejected Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat socialist party. The next two years are going to be about the Republican Commitment to America versus the Democrats’ agenda…

“Another reason why the Democrats lost is because their agenda of defunding the police just didn’t play.

“Whereas the Republicans have a Commitment to America to make our streets safe, to defeat this virus, to rebuild our infrastructure, and to end our dependency on China’s infrastructure.

“That’s the agenda we will move forward, and we’ll be looking to get five-to-six more Democrats to join with us and then we’ll be able to run the floor.

“That’s the difference, we have a commitment, they have a simple agenda that defunds the police, discredits the American public, and I just don’t see that that [working] going forward [with their] socialist agenda…

On the Need For Congress to Act: 

“Nancy Pelosi for the last six months has said it’s better to do ‘nothing’ than ‘something’. Her own members lost over her policies.

“There were 23 Democrats who signed a letter back in September who said if Nancy Pelosi would not come to an agreement that they would sign a discharge petition… so we could actually bring legislation to the floor around Nancy Pelosi to get PPP for small businesses [and so] those people who are employed by small businesses can get paid.

“There’s $138 billion just sitting there, [but] Nancy Pelosi won’t let it go through the American public…

“Now is the time. I’m here in D.C. today. If they signed it we could get it out in one day. That’s the difference, we are ready to act, willing to act, and willing to work with anybody. We just have a Speaker who believes ‘nothing’ is more important than ‘something’.”