Dear Colleague on Victory for the Rule of Law and Constitution

October 11, 2019
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

This morning, we won a major victory in the D.C. Circuit in the Mazars case.  The Court rejected the Administration’s defiance of Congress’s oversight authority, writing in the majority opinion that “Contrary to the President’s arguments, the Committee possesses authority under both the House Rules and the Constitution to issue the subpoena, and Mazars must comply.”  As you know, this case is a product of the excellent work of Chairman Elijah Cummings and the Committee on Oversight and Reform. 

As we proceed down the path of following the facts for the American people, I wanted to call to your attention the statement issued yesterday from 17 former Watergate special prosecutors, which takes us to a higher level of patriotism and a deeper level of concern for the Constitution.  As they write, “The Constitution establishes impeachment as the proper mechanism for addressing these abuses; therefore, the House should proceed with the impeachment process, fairly, openly and promptly.  The president’s refusal to cooperate in confirming (or disputing) the facts already on the public record should not delay or frustrate the House’s performance of its constitutional duty.” 

This week, we have seen increased outside validation of our efforts to hold the President accountable and these statements speak to the heart of the Constitutional challenge that we face.  Also yesterday, conservative lawyers from past Republican Administrations issued a statement in support of an “expeditious” impeachment inquiry into the President’s abuse of the office of the presidency for personal political objectives, and his violation of the oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

I look forward to hearing from you on our Democratic Caucus conference call today at 4:15 p.m. E.T.  I thank all our Members for their patriotism and seriousness of purpose in honoring our oath of office.  The President’s actions threaten our national security, violate our Constitution and undermine the integrity of our elections.

No one is above the law.  The President will be held accountable.

Thank for your leadership.

Speaker Pelosi's signature