Republicans Want to Go After the ACA... Again.

October 17, 2018
The GOP just won’t stop.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell today revealed plans to renew efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act if Republicans control Congress next year.

Washington Post: McConnell: GOP may take another shot at repealing Obamacare after the midterms

McConnell said that his party’s failure last year to repeal the health-care law, also known as Obamacare, was “the one disappointment of this Congress from a Republican point of view.”

“If we had the votes to completely start over, we’d do it. But that depends on what happens in a couple weeks …” McConnell said.

McConnell only echoes other Republicans hoping to return to their monstrous assault on Americans health care.

In August, Vice President Mike Pence also said he hopes to “give [repeal and replace] another try” – stealing health insurance from tens of millions of families, raising health costs, imposing an age tax on older Americans, and destroying protections for the 130 million people with pre-existing conditions, all while handing massive tax breaks to the same pharmaceutical companies raising drug prices.

Enough is enough.

Democrats hold the GOP accountable for their continued vicious assault on Americans’ health care and call for bold action to lower health care costs and crack down on drug price hikes, including by empowering Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prescription drug prices.