Dear Colleague on Path to Passing the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Into Law

October 27, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Today, we move closer to passing the historic, transformative Build Back Better Act.  As we have insisted, we are close to agreement on the priorities and the topline of the legislation, which can and must pass the House and Senate.  At the same time, we are facing a crucial deadline for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework to pass.  To do so, we must have trust and confidence in an agreement for the Build Back Better Act.

For Build Back Better, the areas we have been working on fall into the categories of health care, family care and climate.  With regard to health care, great progress has been made to address the coverage gap in states that have not enacted the Medicaid expansion.  This expansion of the Affordable Care Act takes us to nearly universal coverage, hopefully with expanded benefits for Medicare.  In the “Care Can’t Wait” category, there is broad agreement on the child tax credit, universal pre-K and child care, home health care, housing and workforce development.  We are still fighting for a paid family and medical leave provision.  We are pleased with the robust climate package and grateful to our Chairs and Members for their wise proposals to meet the President’s goals.  We are operating in the unusual arena of reconciliation, which necessitates entrepreneurial thinking to achieve our goals.

Many thanks to House Democrats for your calmness and determination to Build Back Better With Women and to succeed For The Children.  As we prepare for a unified White House-House-Senate initiative, we salute the President for his bold vision and his values-based leadership to make this victory possible.

I have asked the Rules Committee to hold a hearing tomorrow, October 28, to advance this spectacular agenda For The People. 

Thank you for your leadership.