Pelosi Remarks on Press Call Unveiling New Report on Trump Administration’s Failed Pandemic Response

October 30, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Chairman James Clyburn and the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis for a press call on the findings from the Subcommittee’s first six months investigating the Trump Administration’s response to the pandemic.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks:

Speaker Pelosi.  Good morning, everyone.  This is a very special, special meeting.  It’s more than a pleasure; it’s an official admiration to join Whip Clyburn and the distinguished members of the Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis.  Mr. Clyburn, who is our Whip, has brough moral clarity, bipartisan spirit and strong leadership to the Committee’s work.

Chairwoman Waters brings a powerful understanding of the role of financial institutions in the COVID response and to make that fair.

Carolyn Maloney has deep oversight experience.  Her committee is the overarching committee of this Select Committee, and I thank her and her staff.

Chairwoman Velázquez is deeply committed to small business and addressing those who are left behind, women, minority – people of color, veterans, rural, Native American businesses, small, small businesses who have been left behind by the PPP to start.   

Bill Foster with his science background brings a perspective that is very valuable as we – as we make judgements about how we stop the spread, vaccinate against and have therapies to cure. 

And the Congressman Andy King – Kim brings his national security perspective to all of this, and that means from a standpoint of national security and effective management of how we manage this war that the President declared on this virus, but which he has abandoned.

Since the Select Committee was established in April, it’s work has been invaluable in our effort to improve the Administration’s response.  The Committee – the Select Committee has helped end abuses, recovered misused taxpayer dollars and preserved American jobs.  Their investigations have also been vital in discussions with the White House on the next coronavirus relief bill, giving us strong documentation of the need to address key issues and problems with the current COVID initiatives. 

Many thanks to the Members of the Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis for their continued work and leadership.

I just want to remind that the Select Committee has honored its mission to identify and address problems with the coronavirus response as it happened.

It is molded after the mission of then-Senator Harry Truman, who said of the work of the Truman Commission during World War II that, and I quote, ‘I knew that after World War I there’d been 116 investigating committees after the fact, and I felt that one committee before the fact would prevent a lot of waste and maybe even save some lives, and that’s the way it worked out.’

Today, the Select Committee is unveiling its interim report on what it has found so far, detailing the need for a stronger report – response.  It is entitled Inefficient, Ineffective and Inequitable: the Trump Administration’s Failed Response to the Coronavirus.

It is my pleasure now, my honor, to introduce our distinguished Chairman, to tell us more about that report, along with members of the Committee.  Chairman, Whip Clyburn, again, admiration and gratitude for your leadership and work.


Mr. Chairman?  This is Speaker.  I really very much appreciate this report and your presentation of it.  I know Chairwoman Maxine Waters was on earlier and I'm sure she'll join us.  

But in the meantime, I just wanted to say, in appreciation and recognition of the great work that the Select Committee has done, I will be recommending to the Congress, the renewal of your Committee in the new Congress.  And I hope that that pleases you.

Because I know that you have great work and it isn’t finished yet, and that there is much more work to be done.  Because what you are doing is insisting on the truth and that is really very important.  As you said, it’s a matter of life and death, in terms of the consequences.

And, again, I am just quoting a letter that I received form the Secretary of the Treasury who said I should be thanking the Administration, instead of criticizing them for their work and he said they’ve made incredible progress.  So, just shows you how important your work is and I thank you for it. 

And I hope that we will – I’m certain that the Congress will agree on the first day of the Congress, when we have in the Rules package, the renewal of your Select Committee. 

Thank you.