Pelosi Statement on September Jobs Report

October 4, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Department of Labor released its September jobs report: 

“The September jobs report is no consolation for the millions of Americans living under the growing toll of the GOP special interest agenda that continues to jeopardize their health and economic security.

“Across the country, America’s farmers, workers and families are facing an uncertain future as the cost of living soars and Republicans continue to try to destroy lifesaving protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  These hard-working families deserve decisive action that makes a difference in their lives.  Democrats are moving forward to fulfill our promise to deliver progress for the American people.  Republicans should join us to lower the cost of prescription drugs, advance bold investments in infrastructure and provide Americans with the financial security they need to thrive.

“House Democrats are committed to fighting For The People to lower health costs, raise wages and clean up corruption in Washington.  We continue to call upon Republicans to join us to build an economy that works for everyone.”