Dear Colleague on Our Fight For The Children

October 7, 2020
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

When the President walked away from coronavirus relief negotiations yesterday, he did great harm to America’s children.  As a mother and grandmother, I am particularly outraged by this act of cruelty.

President Trump shows no concern for the needs of children in the middle of the pandemic:

  • Child Care funding needed to enable parents to work and earn money while their children are in the uncertain circumstances of in-person, virtual or hybrid learning.
  • Child Tax Credit and Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit improvements and refundability – critical assistance for children in low income families.
  • Education – sufficient funding needed for children to be able to be safe in-person in the classroom or have the equipment and broadband access for distance or hybrid learning.

Among other areas of key concern for children that President Trump walked away from include:

  • Food assistance for the up to 17 million children who live in a household where the adults say that their children do not have enough to eat; 
  • Rental & mortgage assistance for families who are on the verge of eviction;
  • Direct payments for children;
  • Child abuse prevention measures and funds for foster youth.

America’s children are also endangered by the White House’s resistance to funding for state and local government that serve their communities, to unemployment insurance that keeps their families afloat and to health care coverage if a parent has lost his or her job.  And children are monumentally affected by our strategic plan to crush the virus – especially in underserved communities of color.

While the GOP defends its $150 billion tax cut for the wealthiest in our country, it does so at the expense of our children.  Democrats will continue our fight For The Children.

Thank you for your leadership.

Stay well,