Dear Colleague on Debt Ceiling and Building Back Better

October 7, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Day by day, we are proceeding with a sharpened pencil to meet the challenge to Build Back Better, which, though smaller, is still transformative.  

Fortunately, we have already passed a CR until Dec. 3 to keep government open until we pass the full appropriations bills.

We have also been working to protect the full faith and credit of the United States.  At this writing, the Senate is engaged in hours of debate that will lead to a vote to lift the debt ceiling.  

Hopefully that will occur and if it is necessary for Members to return early, Leader Hoyer will give sufficient notice as promised.

At the same time, we must heed our DPCC guidance and communicate to the American people the values contained in the Build Back Better Act to create good-paying jobs and to build a better future For The Children:

  • Jobs and children in Health Care: strengthening the ACA, Medicaid expansion and better Medicare benefits. 
  • Jobs and children in Family Care: the Biden Child Tax Credit, child care, universal pre-school, home health care, Family and Medical Leave, and more. 
  • Jobs and children in the Climate Crisis: the climate crisis is a health issue, jobs issue, national security issue and a moral issue to pass the planet on to future generations in a responsible way. This challenge must be addressed with justice for vulnerable communities, who have been hit first and hardest by the climate crisis.

The fuse is running short and our full preparation for the Glasgow COP26 meeting is urgent. Today and tomorrow, I am participating in the G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit on “people, planet and prosperity” and the opening ceremonies of the Pre-COP26 Parliamentary meeting.  The focus of the discussions is to turn COVID and the climate crisis into an opportunity for more inclusive growth and prosperity.  It was an honor to present our U.S. perspective with emphasis on jobs, justice and Building Back Better with women. 

Every day brings us closer to passing both the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, as we work to keep government open and lift the debt ceiling. 

Thank you for your leadership For The People!