Pelosi Statement Following Meetings with Key NGOs at COP26

November 10, 2021
Press Release

Glasgow – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after participating in meetings with key non-governmental organizations as part of the United Nations COP26:

“Today, my colleagues and I had the privilege of hearing from civil society leaders, both domestic and international.  In both meetings, we listened and learned further of their concerns about equity, ambitions for limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and climate change financing including loss and damage provisions.

“Combating the climate crisis will require a model of collaboration that is unprecedented in size, scope and ambition to bring together the public, private and non-profit sectors to scale climate action solutions.  In meetings, we shared how under President Biden’s leadership, America is advancing bold climate action with our Build Back Better Agenda.  We also discussed the critical role of non-governmental organizations in mobilizing support for climate action at home and abroad and how working together with the public and private sector, we can work toward true climate action.

“In a meeting with domestic non-profit organizations, we discussed how the climate crisis is a threat multiplier: amplifying and accelerating existing inequities in our economies and societies.  We discussed putting indigenous communities, women, working families and the most affected at the center of climate crisis solutions.  We also expressed appreciation for their support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the Build Back Better Act, which together will create millions of good-paying union jobs and make the biggest climate and clean energy investment in history.

“During our meeting with representatives of international non-governmental organizations, the delegation and our partners discussed the importance of transparency and accountability to international climate action commitments, and of loss and damage and adaptation financing for communities most vulnerable to climate change.

 “Our non-profit partners are key climate action advocates.  Throughout this conference, our Congressional delegation has continued to demonstrate America’s commitment to building a world that is Clean and Green for our children for generations to come.”