Dear Colleague on Path to Advance Build Back Better Act

November 12, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Once again, I am writing to thank House Democrats for the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which has received an overwhelmingly positive response locally, nationally and globally.  There was great enthusiasm as well that we passed our rule to advance the Build Back Better Act.

As we indicated at the time of the vote, we are on a path to be further fortified with numbers from the Congressional Budget Office. 

To date, 6 committees who finished with their work early have already received numbers from the CBO consistent with the White House Preliminary Budget Estimate, which includes Transportation and Infrastructure; Oversight and Reform; Homeland Security; Small Business; Science, Space and Technology; and Veterans’ Affairs.  We expect 3 additional reports by Monday. 

We thank the CBO for moving expeditiously as we await further numbers from committees who finalized their work later. 

As always, we thank our committee chairs for their leadership as we work together to advance the President’s Build Back Better Plan.

When our delegation returned from Glasgow yesterday, we brought with us a spirit of hope from the COP-26 and deep appreciation from the people of Scotland for our veterans on their Armistice Day, our Veterans Day.

Thank you for your leadership.