Dear Colleague on the Power of Democratic Unity

November 16, 2020
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Congratulations on your victory!  Thank you for contributing to the success of a Biden-Harris mandate.

As we welcome our new Members, we do so during the lame duck session, where it is imperative that we provide relief to the American people whose lives and livelihoods are suffering during this accelerating pandemic.  And we do so as we prepare for a transition to a new Administration and a jobs agenda. 

All of this occurs during a crucial runoff election in Georgia.  There is a great deal at stake in the next two months.  The differences between the Democrats and the Republicans are great, especially in how we respect the health and well-being of America’s working families.  In this fight, we must work as a team.

As you’ve heard me say repeatedly: our diversity is our strength, our unity is our power.  In that spirit, I want to share some thoughts on advocacy.  We advocate because we believe we can convince others of our point of view.  If we advocate to unify, we can prevail. 

Our Caucus draws strength from the ongoing conversations that we continuously have to build consensus and ensure that the legislation we put forward is respectful of the thinking and values of all Members.  I look forward to our continuing this productive dialogue. 

Let us all be advocates for unity in the Democratic party, where our values are opportunity and community.  From the start, our Founders gave us their guidance – e pluribus unum: from many, one.  Each day, our pledge to the flag is for liberty and justice for all.

President-elect Biden’s message and mandate as a unifier have given the American people hope.  May God bless him, and, as he always says, may God bless our troops.

Thank you for your leadership.