Local TV Stations Love Democrats’ Job-Creating Infrastructure Bill

November 16, 2021
GOP Called Out for Voting Against Their Constituents

From the Speaker's Press Office:

Local TV stations across the country are promoting President Biden and Democrats’ infrastructure bill for the once-in-a-generation investments coming to their communities – creating jobs, expanding access to affordable internet, building a world-class supply chain for small businesses, filling potholes, repairing roads and bridges, cleaning our kids’ drinking water – the list goes on and on.

In red districts, Republican representatives are getting called out by their local news stations and on front pages for their vote against the single biggest infrastructure investment in American history.  200 House Republicans tried to block this historic boon for communities, Democrats delivered, and virtually every local TV station is talking about it.  

See below for a glimpse of the wave of good coverage Democrats are riding – and the awkward questions Republicans are getting from their own local news stations.  

CA-22: Kevin McCarthy

“The legislation marks the biggest individual infrastructure investment in U.S. history.” KBAK – Bakersfield, CA

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IA-04: Randall Feenstra, IA-01: Ashley Hinson, IA-02: Mariannette Miller-Meeks

“What will Iowa see of that money?  $3.4 billion will go towards Iowa’s highway system.  Over $340 million for bridges.  Iowa has nearly 4,700 structurally deficient bridges, more than any of the other 50 states.  $630 million to help fix and improve water infrastructure.  $305 million to improve the public transportation system and $100 million to upgrade broadband capability, especially in rural iowa.  The infrastructure bill passed the U.S. House by a 228 to 206 vote.  Congresswoman Cindy Axne was the only Member of the Iowa House delegation to vote in favor of the bill.” KCCI 8 – Des Moines, IA

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ID-01: Russ Fulcher, ID-02: Mike Simpson

“Idaho Representatives Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson both voted no on the measure. […] Breaking it down, Idaho will receive $2.5 billion for roads and highways, $213 million for clean water projects, $225 million for bridge replacements and repairs, $25 for airport improvement projects, as well as money allocated to western states to address drought resiliency and wildfire risk reduction.” KTVB – Boise, ID

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MI-04: John Moolenaar, MI-07: Tim Walberg

“Michigan is expected to receive more than $7.3 billion from President Biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill.  Slotkin said the influx of money will support hundreds of thousands of union jobs across the state.” WSYM – Lansing, MI

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AL-06: Gary Palmer

“Alabama could get close to $7 billion under the infrastructure bill set to be signed into law today.  Most of the funding would go to road work and bridge repairs.  Another large portion would go to increased broadband coverage across the state.” ABC 33/40 – Birmingham, AL

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NE-01: Jeff Fortenberry

“As part of the package from Washington, Nebraska will get $2.5 billion for roads and bridges, $200 million for clean drinking water projects, and $100 million to continue building out high-speed internet.” KETV – Omaha, NE

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SD-AL: Dusty Johnson

“Hours away from President Biden inking his landmark bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, governors, mayors, and lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle set to join the celebration.  White House officials touting the $1.2 trillion dollar bill as a vehicle for creating millions of new jobs and growing the economy.” KTTW – Sioux Falls, SD

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SC-04: William Timmons

Anchor.  Billions of dollars of federal funds are coming to South Carolina thanks to a bipartisan infrastructure bill.  South Carolina is getting $6 billion over the next five years.  Our Jason Raven breaks down what that money will be used for.

“Reporter.  The majority of the $6 billion South Carolina is receiving will go towards road and bridge repairs.  Federal officials say in South Carolina there are 1,700 bridges and over 7,000 miles of highway in poor conditions right now.  State officials say that money will be used to fix up some of the problem areas in the state they’ve had their sights set on improving.

“Now, over the next five years, South Carolina will get $4.6 billion to maintain federal highways in the state and another $274 million to replace and repair bridges.  The South Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Christy Hall says the money will be a big improvement for roads in South Carolina and projects that have been in the works since 2013.

“Christy Hall.  This funding will come in and help deliver those projects in cooperation and coordination with our state funding – not really changing priorities, just basically helping fund some of those and maybe possibly enabling us to look at projects in the future and pull them ahead slightly.

“Reporter.  The bipartisan infrastructure bill also said $510 million for one improvement, $161 million to upgrade airports, $366 million for public transportation, $70 million to expand the electric vehicle charging network in South Carolina and another $18 million for cybersecurity.  It is also an additional $100 million for expanding access to high-speed internet.

“Anchor.  House Majority Whip Clyburn and Senator Lindsey Graham were the only two Members of Congress who voted in favor of the bill.” WSPA – Greenville, SC

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