Sen. Scott Blurts Out the Ugly Truth: GOP Openly Rooting Against U.S. Economy

November 16, 2021
While Democrats Act to Lower Costs, Top Republicans Hoping for More Inflation

From the Speaker's Press Office:

Top Hill Republicans are openly admitting they’re ‘ecstatic’ about threats to the American economy as they rally against bills that will bring down working families’ costs and create millions more good-paying jobs.  


House Republicans are so hellbent against the economic boon that will come from rebuilding the country’s infrastructure that they are trying to purge colleagues, depose a Ranking Member, and have even threatened to oust Leader McCarthy – all to fight against historic economic gains.  Congressman Don Bacon called out his GOP colleagues for lying about the bill, while Republican Senator Rob Portman challenged the House GOP by hailing the bill as “counter-inflationary.”

That’s not the only GOP campaign to sack the economy.  Dead-set on protecting their ‘gold mine,’ Republicans are opposing the Build Back Better Act – legislation that would to reduce the deficit and crush inflation by investing in the middle class, cracking down on corporate price gouging, and helping working parents return to the workforce.  

The GOP wants to keep costs high, kill job growth, and hollow out the middle class – as long as it hurts President Biden and helps their corporate friends.