Dear Colleague on Updates on Passage of Build Back Better

November 18, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Yesterday was a day of sadness for the House of Representatives when a Member of the House was censured for bringing dishonor to the House.  It was also a day of pride as Democratic Members brought credit to the House with the unity and dignity with which our Caucus conducted itself.

This is not just about us as Members of Congress, but also the danger that it represents to everyone in the country with a Member using his national platform to foment violence.  Thank you to Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern for expeditiously bringing the Resolution to the Floor, Ethics Committee Chair Ted Deutch for upholding the dignity of the House, Congresswoman Jackie Speier for her Motion of Censure and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her challenge to the minority party for not denouncing violence.

The Constitution charges us to be accountable to the people – and we must represent the United States House of Representatives in a spirit in which our constituents and all Americans can be proud.  We all have the responsibility to uphold a high standard of integrity, decency and respect in the distinguished institution in which we serve, and I thank you for doing so.  As we proceed to make progress For The People, let us be guided by our love of the House and the example that we wish to show to the world.

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, we do so in a spirit of gratitude, with much to be thankful for: the vaccine and the ability to gather in-person with loved ones, families having another round of the historic Biden Child Tax Credit in their pockets and a Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that will create millions of good-paying union jobs and rebuild our middle class.

Very soon, the American people will have an historic cause for celebration, with the passage of the transformative Build Back Better Act.  I am writing to give you an update on how we will proceed.  Debate on the legislation began today at 10:15 a.m.  In preparation for the vote on the Floor, we have received most of the information that we need from the Senate parliamentarian on the privilege scrub.  As soon as we receive the final CBO estimates for Member review, we can then proceed to votes on the revised Rule with the Manager’s Amendment and final passage. 

Build Back Better is a spectacular vision for the future, with transformational and historic action on health care, family care and climate that will make a significant difference in the lives of millions of Americans.  It will create millions of good-paying jobs, lower families costs and cut their taxes, while making the wealthiest few and big corporations pay their fair share. 

The dazzling knowledge and great commitment of our Chairs, Members and staff will make this victory possible For The People, and I thank you for your patience, persistence and patriotic leadership throughout this process.  This is President Biden’s vision for the future – and it is our proud achievement in the Congress!

Thank you for your leadership to Build Back Better For The People.