Dear Colleague on Upcoming Vote on Build Back Better

November 18, 2021
Press Release


Please find attached an updated chart and comment from the White House, reflecting the final numbers issued by the Congressional Budget Office today.

Key Points from the White House:

  • Good news for Democrats – the cost elements came in lower than the White House estimates – in the ballpark of $50bn lower cost.
  • The savings from the prescription drug reforms came in $50bn higher – at $300bn compared to the White House’s estimate of $250bn.
  • That means that the bill will be more than fully paid for.
  • As long understood, CBO’s numbers on tax enforcement are lower than the Treasury’s estimates. Democrats have long known and anticipated this – will not be an issue.  

After the vote on the revised Rule, we will finish general debate on the Build Back Better Act with 10 minutes given to each side and then proceed to a vote on the legislation.


Dear Democratic Colleague,

This afternoon, work was completed on the Senate privilege scrub, enabling the Rules Committee to call a meeting for 5:30 p.m. to advance the revised Rule with the Manager’s Amendment, which can be viewed here.  Its summary states that it “makes technical changes to narrow U.S. Code citations and references to comply with Senate procedural requirements.”

At the same time, the Congressional Budget Office has released its figures on the remaining titles of the bill.  An updated chart from the White House, reflecting the revised numbers, will be released, which I will send to you shortly.

When the Rules Committee reports out the Rule, we will go to the Floor for one hour of debate.  After the vote on the Rule, the remaining 20 minutes of debate on the Build Back Better Act will commence. 

At the close of the debate, all that remains is to take up the vote – so that we can pass this legislation and achieve President Biden’s vision to Build Back Better!

Build Back Better is a spectacular agenda for the future, with transformational action on health care, family care and climate that will make a significant difference in the lives of millions of Americans, and it is possible because of the leadership of the President.  I am grateful for the outstanding work of the Chairs, Members and staff of our House Democratic Caucus.

Thank you for your leadership For The People.