Pelosi Announces Co-Chairs of Steering and Policy Committee

December 1, 2018
Press Release
Washington, D.C. – Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi announced today that she will recommend Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, Congressman Eric Swalwell of California and Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California to serve as the three Co-Chairs of the Steering and Policy Committee.

“The leaders and members of the Steering and Policy Committee reflect the diversity, dynamism and integrity of our historic new House Democratic Majority,” said Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi.  “Guided by the bold vision and strong voices of Congresswoman DeLauro, Congressman Swalwell and Congresswoman Lee, this important committee will advance great progress to deliver our positive, ambitious agenda For The People.”

“The strong leadership of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is a tremendous asset to our House Democratic Caucus, and we all look forward to her return as a Co-Chair of this critical committee,” Speaker-designate Pelosi said.  “Rosa is a proven champion for workers, women and families, and her wealth of expertise, creative thinking and bold vision will help steer our Caucus as we fight for opportunity and better futures for all Americans.”

“Congressman Eric Swalwell has been effective from the start as an outstanding leader of the Steering and Policy Committee,” continued Speaker-designate Pelosi.  “Eric’s powerful strategic insight in articulating Democrats’ vision and his deep understanding of the challenges facing America’s young people, informed in his work through the Future Forum, will refresh and invigorate our Democratic Majority.”

“We are fortunate to welcome Congresswoman Barbara Lee as Co-Chair of the Steering and Policy Committee,” said Speaker-designate Pelosi.  “Congresswoman Lee has been a preeminent voice in ending the scourge of HIV/AIDS around the world and fighting poverty in America, and a powerful advocate for peace.  As a leading African American woman with a place at the decision table, the appointment of Congresswoman Lee is even more meaningful as we mark the birthday of her friend: the trailblazing Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.”

In recognition of the historic size, energy and diversity of the new Democratic Majority, Speaker-designate Pelosi is expanding the number of Steering and Policy Committee Co-Chairs to three.  Pelosi’s recommendations will be voted on by the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.