Dear Colleague on Moving the Build Back Better Act Forward

November 3, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Last Thursday, House Democrats proudly put forth our Build Back Better legislation.  While it was a reduction in dollars from the original $3.5 trillion package, it was not a reduction in values.  This legislation was released into the public arena with a strong encouragement to Members to provide feedback.  Thank you very much for the intellectual resources that House Democrats have always been and your readiness to make a difference.

We had planned for a Rules Committee hearing on the Build Back Better legislation on Monday, but suggestions for change continued to come in.  This morning, we will present to Rules the amendment which contains some changes.  Members have been asked to further review the legislative text posted six days ago, as well as the amendment that will be released this morning. 

At the same time, we have been conveying to the CBO and to the Senate the substance of the changes of the legislation, so that we can have, as soon as possible, a CBO letter, as well as comments for the Byrd bath and Privilege scrub. 

As always, I want to express my appreciation to the Committee Chairs, the Members of the Committees, all Members of the Caucus and staff for the thoughtful attention that you have paid to this important legislation.

It had been my intention throughout this process to put on the House Floor and pass a bill that would pass the Senate in the same form.  Because I have been informed by a Senator of opposition to a few of the priorities contained in our bill and because we must have legislation agreed to by the House and the Senate in the final version of the Build Back Better Act that we will send to the President’s desk, we must strive to find common ground in the legislation.  As we are reviewing priorities and at the urging of many Members of the Caucus, I have asked the Ways and Means Committee for its legislation for Paid Family and Medical Leave to be included in this morning’s hearing.  Chairman Richie Neal and the Committee staff have worked on this priority for a long time and were ready.  I commend the Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth for his leadership in shepherding this legislation.  I also want to thank Chairman Jim McGovern and all Members of the Rules Committee for their ongoing good judgment and constant work on behalf of the Congress.

Again, the hearing will take place today, so that we can bring up the legislation.  Today is another momentous day in our historic effort to make the future better for the American people, For The Children, to Build Back Better With Women, to save the planet.  As the world gathers in Glasgow to address the climate crisis, it is imperative that we show the world that America will do more than its fair share to meet and beat the standards.

Thank you for your ongoing leadership For The People.