Dear Colleague on President Biden's Transformative Build Back Better Agenda

November 7, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

On Friday, Congress took a giant step toward enacting the most transformative, yes, transformative agenda in our country’s history, with the passing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.  Under the leadership of Chair Peter DeFazio, good-paying jobs are on the way to rebuild America, including roads, bridges, mass transit, water systems and broadband.

But to Build Back Better, we must do more to address the climate crisis, promote equity and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work.  Passing the Rule on the Build Back Better Act gives us a running start on passing more of the President’s agenda.  Thanks to President Biden’s leadership and the thoughtful participation of so many House Democrats, we are on our way!

As we say, our diversity is our strength, our unity is our power.  In order for Democrats to Deliver For The People, we must, as John Lewis said, “keep our eyes on the prize.”  As has been agreed, when the House comes back into session the week of November 15th, we will act with a message that is clear and unified to produce results.

It is a source of great pride to behold the values, knowledge and courage of the House Democrats.

Thank you for demonstrating that Democrats Deliver For The People.

In friendship,