On CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, Leader Pelosi Affirms 'We have an obligation to try to find common ground'

November 9, 2018
Last night, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Chris Cuomo on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time for a wide-ranging interview on Democrats’ priorities For The People in the 116th Congress, including reducing the cost of health care and prescription drugs, increasing workers’ paychecks, and cleaning up corruption in Washington. She reaffirmed Democrats’ commitment to working for all Americans and finding common ground with Republicans.

Leader Pelosi also questioned the constitutionality of President Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General and added that Trump’s actions mark a “perilous time” for our nation.

Below are the highlights.

On Working with President Trump

“I'm sure we can come to agreement on some things, and we have an obligation to try to find common ground.”

“Let me say that I will be the speaker of the People's House and the people will hear the commitments that he makes.  And they'll see whether he will, can be trusted in that regard.  I hope so, because as we go forward, we want, as I said, an open Congress, a bipartisan Congress, a unifying Congress.”

On Confidence in Becoming Speaker of the House

“A hundred percent, yes.”

On Democrats’ Priorities in the 116th Congress

“It is our constitutional responsibility to be a check on the executive branch and we have the responsibility to have oversight on the agencies of the executive branch and there will still be intent to implement that. And that shouldn't be – cause for him of any concern, because that's the regular order.”

“We have to produce results for the American people. That's why we have our For the People agenda.  Lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, integrity in government -- that that's where we're going.  Guns, Dreamers, equality Act, that would be some of our priorities.”

“We want to unify, not divide... That's our intention. We're here for the American people, not for just the Democrats.”

On the Necessity of Passing Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation Following Thousand Oaks Shooting

“I do believe, because in this Congress, the one that we're in right this minute, there is bipartisan legislation to have common sense background checks, to prevent guns going into the wrong hands. Now, it doesn't cover everything, but it is, it will save many lives -- bipartisan legislation… this will be a priority for us in the next Congress.”

On President Trump Firing AG Sessions

“Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution says that principals in our government, like the Attorney General, has to be – they have to be confirmed by the Senate.  The President appoints with advice and consent – with the confirmation of the Senate – that didn't happen. It's not occurring – and we've seen some of the quotes today that this appointment makes a mockery of the Constitution and the vision of our Founders.”

“Our concern is, of course, that they will interfere and say the President's above the law.  What we can do about it is what many of our Chairmen and our Ranking Members now soon to be Chairmen in the House, have sent a letter saying we must preserve the documents of the Mueller investigation.  The preservation of the documents is essential.”

“I don't say it's a constitutional crisis quite yet, but it's a perilous time, and we will see tonight people in the streets because of this firing.  But should the president go to Rosenstein or Mueller or something like that, it would be even worse.  So, this is a very important moment and I hope the president is not frivolous about it.”