House Republicans: More Potholes, Fewer Jobs, Zero Bipartisanship

November 9, 2021

From the Speaker's Press Office:

House Republicans must really hate the roads, bridges, and rural broadband that will be created by Democrats’ bipartisan infrastructure bill.  They are trying to excommunicate GOP Members who put partisanship aside and voted for the hugely popular, once-in-a-century investment in American infrastructure.

Whether voting against funding for ending the pandemic with vaccines in arms or helping working families afford everyday needs by putting more money in their pockets, House Republicans are blind with fury against the American people – now with a GOP Leadership enforced Pro-Pothole loyalty test. 

The GOP propaganda machine is desperately trying to cover their tracks, having voted against the incredibly popular legislation and being shamed by their local newspapers.


No, Americans won’t forget – not when this bipartisan, blue collar blueprint to rebuild America will create millions of good-paying jobs, deliver transformative investments in their communities, and make America the global leader on infrastructure once again. 

It’s a similar purging process to their attacks on anyone who dared speak truth about the insurrection or stand up for law enforcement.

When Leader McCarthy’s party was in power, he proved too weak to make good on infrastructure promises.  Following President Biden’s historic, bipartisan victory, the Minority Leader appears especially spiteful of the priorities of everyday Americans.