Republican Hometown Papers Beat the Drum for Democrat’s Historic Infrastructure Bill

November 9, 2021
GOP Votes for More Potholes, Fewer Jobs

From the Speaker's Press Office:

200 House Republicans voted against President Biden’s plan to create millions of good-paying, American jobs by investing in roads, bridges, affordable internet, and more.  They have some embarrassing conversations ahead, as local papers in their districts call them out for failing their communities and praise President Biden’s blue collar blueprint to rebuild America.

The GOP can try to bury their shameful vote against the middle class, but if they plan to spend time at home, they’re leaving the frying pan straight for the fire.  With this much local heat, Republicans will probably dig in with lies to claim credit for the popular bill.  

Below is a snippet of the tidal wave of red district front pages praising President Biden and Democrats, humiliating the Pro Pothole Posse.  You can see here that today’s headlines are the norm.  The drumbeat of support is loud even in deep red America, reflecting the truly historic impact and popularity of President Biden and Congressional Democrats' bill to create millions of good-paying jobs rebuilding America’s infrastructure.  

 FL-26, FL-27: Rep. Carlos Gimenez and Rep. Maria E. Salazar

11.9.21 -- Hit.jpg

LA-04: Rep. Mike Johnson

11.9. -- Hit 2.jpg


LA-03: Rep. Clay Higgins

11.9.21 -- Hit 3.jpg

ND-AL, MN-7: Rep. Kelly Armstrong and Rep. Michelle Fischbach

11.9.21 -- Hit 4.jpg

SD-AL: Rep. Dusty Johnson

11.9.21 -- Hit 5.jpg

OK-05: Stephanie Bice

11.9.21 -- Hit 7.png


CA-22: Rep. Devin Nunes

 11.9.21 -- Hit 8.jpg

AR-02: Rep. French Hill

11.9.21 -- Hit 9.jpg

LA-05: Rep. Julia Letlow

11.9.21 -- Hit 11.jpg

MS-03: Rep. Michael Guest

11.9.21 -- Hit 12.jpg

PA-11: Rep. Lloyd Smucker

11.9.21 -- Hit 13.jpg

SC-02: Rep. Joe Wilson

11.9.21 -- Hit 14.jpg

WV-02: Rep. Alex Mooney

11.9.21 -- Hit 15.jpg