Speaker Ryan's Tax Scam Docuseries Pt. 7

December 17, 2018
Today, outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan teased his 6-part docuseries “Decades in the Making” touting Republicans’ biggest legislative “accomplishment” in two years: the GOP tax scam for the rich.

But we were thinking… maybe there should be a part 7 that lays out his real legacy?  In the 115th Congress, the Republican House:

  • Added $2 trillion to the deficit with a GOP Tax Scam for the rich that sold out Medicare, Medicaid and the middle class to further enrich big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent; 
  • Voted to dismantle protections for people with pre-existing conditions and take health care away from tens of millions of Americans;
  • Pushed President Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda;
  • Passed ZERO laws to prevent senseless gun violence across the country;
  • Rolled back Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform;
  • Rolled back critical protections for clean air and water;
  • Refused to use congressional oversight to hold the Trump Administration accountable; and
  • Were complicit in President Trump’s campaign to undermine the credibility and integrity of America’s national security agencies and democratic institutions.

Just to name a few.  And on top of that, Speaker Ryan is on the verge of presiding over his second government shutdown over funding for President Trump’s immoral wall.

Maybe it’s time for Speaker Ryan and his GOP colleagues to take a note from the American people who turned out in historic, record-shattering numbers to deliver the largest House Democratic victory since Watergate.

In stark contrast to the GOP Congress, the Democratic Majority will be led with transparency, openness and accountability, so that the American people know that Congress is working for them, not the special interests.  Democrats will get to work to make progress in the lives of seniors, children and hard-working Americans – delivering an ambitious, forward-looking, positive agenda For The People.