Pelosi Statement on Passing of Former Congresswoman Jolene Unsoeld

December 3, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the passing of former Congresswoman Jolene Unsoeld of Washington State:

“Congresswoman Jolene Unsoeld was a pioneering, progressive activist and public servant, whose fearless and principled leadership helped make America more just, equal and strong.  

“In the House, Congresswoman Unsoeld was admired by all for her courage.  With her determined spirit, undaunted voice and down-to-earth nature, she was an effective and inspiring champion for women, children and the planet.  She was an early and leading voice for environmental protections, who taught the Congress so much about respecting and preserving the planet.  Her leadership to make government more open and transparent and to get rid of big dark money in politics leaves an important legacy.  And as a crusader for women’s rights, she was a force for progress and a role model to so many. 

“On behalf of her friends in the House, we send the condolences of the Congress to her loved ones, and we thank them for sharing her with the country.  May it be a comfort to Regon, Krag and Terres to know that Jolene has been united with her beloved Willi and Devi.  And may be a comfort to them to know that so many mourn their loss and pray for them at this sad time.”