Pelosi Statement on President Biden Executive Actions Strengthening Health Care

January 28, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the Executive Actions announced by President Biden today to strengthen Americans’ access to quality, affordable health care:

“The coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis have demonstrated with heartbreaking clarity that access to health care is a matter of life-or-death.  President Biden’s Executive Actions are a lifeline for millions of American families and a clear sign that our nation now has the leadership in the White House to turn these crises around.

“These Executive Actions represent a 180-degree reversal from the assault on health care waged by Donald Trump and Republicans in the courts and Congress in the middle of the pandemic.  In stark contrast, President Biden is restoring and expanding access to health care in a way that promotes equity and justice for working families, those who have lost jobs, seniors, women in need of reproductive health care at home and abroad, and more.  In particular, opening a special enrollment period will enable potentially millions of Americans who have lost their health insurance through no fault of their own to access care.

“The Democratic Congress applauds these lifesaving actions, and we will continue our work to protect and improve affordable, quality health care – during this pandemic, and in the months and years to come.”