Pelosi Receives Initial Assessment from General Honoré on U.S. Capitol Complex Security Review

January 28, 2021
Press Release


Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi today met with Lieutenant General (ret) Russel Honoré to receive an initial assessment of the security review he is conducting of the United States Capitol Complex initiated in the wake of the January 6 assault:

“Following the devastating attack on the Capitol that threatened the lives of and traumatized Members of Congress, staff and support workers, I asked Lieutenant General Russel Honoré to lead an immediate review of the security of the Capitol Complex,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  “I salute the urgent, diligent and strategic work that he and his team continue to do in this mission, which is critical to protecting the Capitol and, indeed, our very Democracy.  I was pleased to be briefed on the General’s initial assessment which covered operational readiness, interagency cooperation, security infrastructure and the morale and readiness of institutional staff.  As we consider the need for an emergency supplemental funding bill to meet institutional security needs, I want to thank the General for reviewing what is necessary for the Capitol Police to do their jobs.”    



At the direction of the Speaker of the House, the Task Force is leading an immediate collaborative review, on behalf of the House Sergeant of Arms, of both the United States Capitol and the House Office Buildings in order to safeguard the Capitol, Members and staff.  The duration of this review is from January 22 through at least March 5, and its scope includes security infrastructure, command and control, interagency processes and procedures, and training and exercises.  The review will examine not only the safety of Members while in the U.S. Capitol Complex but their movements to and from Washington and in their districts.  The review will be completed in consultation with other federal law enforcement stakeholders and national security experts.