Dear Colleague on Swearing-In of 117th Congress

January 3, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Congratulations to you on your swearing-in to the 117th Congress of the United States!

As we are all sworn in today, we accept a responsibility as daunting and as demanding as any that previous generations of leadership have faced. 

We begin the new Congress during a time of extraordinary difficulty.  Each of our communities has been drastically affected by the pandemic and economic crisis: 350,000 tragic deaths, over 20 million infections, millions without jobs – a toll almost beyond comprehension.  Thank you for your generosity of spirit and patriotism to take on this challenge For The People.

As we go into session today, I do so full of pride to be nominated by our Democratic Caucus to be Speaker of the House.  I am enormously grateful for the trust that Members have placed in me.  I am confident that the Speaker’s election today will show a united Democratic Caucus ready to meet the challenges ahead, and that we are prepared to set our country on a new course, starting with the Electoral College meeting on Wednesday.

Again, thank you for your patriotism and friendship.  Congratulations and best wishes.