Dear Colleague on House Democrats' Work to Advance the American Rescue Plan

February 12, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Today is an important day for the Congress and Country, as the House has made great progress to advance President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.  The goals of this coronavirus relief package are to crush the virus, return children safely to the classroom, get vaccines to the people, put dollars into families’ pockets and put people back to work.

To that end, I salute the Chairs and Members of the Committees of Jurisdiction for their excellent and timely mark-ups this week.  Their work included:

  • The Education and Labor Committee putting children safely back in schools with a strong $170 billion investment and putting money in workers’ pockets by raising the federal minimum wage.
  • The Agriculture Committee putting food on the table, by expanding the SNAP program and respecting Black family farmers.
  • The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee putting people back to work by prioritizing funding for transit, airlines and airports, and the disaster relief fund.
  • The Small Business Committee putting small businesses back on track with robust funding for EIDL and restaurant grants, additional funding for shuttered live venues and expanded PPP eligibility for nonprofits.
  • The Financial Services Committee putting a priority on protecting renters and homeowners, preventing homelessness, and providing $10 billion for the Defense Production Act to procure essential medical supplies and equipment.
  • The Ways and Means Committee putting money in people’s pockets with direct payments, Unemployment Insurance, Child Tax Credit, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Their mark-up also included pension security and expanded Affordable Care Act coverage.
  • The Veterans’ Affairs Committee putting forth a $17 billion package in critical funding to help the VA meet the health and economic security of veterans, especially as relates to the benefits claims and appeals backlog caused by COVID.
  • The Energy and Commerce Committee putting forth its priorities to produce and distribute the vaccine and to test, treat and protect all Americans, including communities of color.
  • The Committee on Oversight and Reform putting forth funding for our heroes – health care workers, first responders, sanitation, transportation and food workers, and teachers – in states, localities, tribes and territories.

Other important Committees – Natural Resources, Foreign Affairs, Space, Science and Technology – will instruct the Budget Committee in time for us to proceed.

This week is a source of pride for House Democrats.  Our Managers defended our Constitution and our Democracy in the Senate, and our Chairs advanced the Biden American Rescue Package to meet the needs of the American people in the House.

Happy Presidents’ Day, and Saint Valentine’s Day, too.