Coronavirus Relief Checks Boosted Economy, Republicans Want to Stop it From Happening Again

February 17, 2021
Retail Sales Surged in January as a Direct Result of the $600 Stimulus Checks

After months of troubling economic reports, January finally saw a glimmer of hope: a surge in retail sales as a result of the $600 direct payments to the American people.  These strong retail numbers prove once again that direct payments not only provide urgently-needed relief, they also boost our economy.

It is critical that we build on this boost by putting $1,400 stimulus checks in the pockets of struggling Americans – an essential part of the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan.  The country is looking for action, for progress, and for solutions to the crises we are facing.  Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans “overwhelmingly oppose” proposed relief plans and, instead of proposing ideas to help our country out of this crisis, Republicans have been attempting to cut benefits for millions of Americans. 

Through their relentless opposition to additional help for hardworking American families and small business owners across the country, Republicans are disregarding economic experts and ignoring the will of the American people.  But, this is not a moment in the country when obstructionism from the GOP will be rewarded.

  • Experts Across the Political Spectrum Agree: Trump’s own Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors told CNN he “absolutely” supports the framework of President Biden’s stimulus plan and Moody’s Analytics found the plan will create 10 million additional American jobs between 2021 and 2022.
  • The American People Support Additional Relief: More than 75% of Americans support an additional round of $1,400 stimulus checks and more than 65% support a comprehensive package including state and local aid, expanded unemployment insurance, and more.

If Republicans won’t listen to experts or their own constituents, perhaps they can follow common sense.  The American people and small businesses across the country are struggling to make ends meet.  A survey from the Federal Reserve found that 9 million small business owners fear their businesses won’t survive the pandemic without more government relief.  The direct payments have proven time and again their efficacy in supporting the American people while also stimulating our economy and helping those businesses in need.

The $1,400 direct relief payments included in the American Rescue Plan will help families, small businesses and local economies, and it is supported by a bipartisan majority of the country.  It’s time for Republicans to listen to reason and get out of the way.