GOP Whips Against Survival Checks, Economic Relief for Families

February 19, 2021
Americans Demanded Help. House Republicans Said No.

With millions of Americans unemployed and demanding relief to reopen schools and get people back to work, House Republican leadership is demanding its members vote against a bipartisan plan to help struggling Americans.

Minority Whip Steve Scalise emailed his caucus today to whip a ‘no’ vote against the American Rescue Plan and specifically attacked the plan’s provision of nutritional assistance to the millions of Americans facing hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

As a reminder, the American Rescue Plan:

  • is supported by 73 percent of Americans (including a majority of Republicans) and backed by economists on both sides of the aisle.
  • delivers $1400 checks to millions of Americans and Moody’s found will it create 10 million American jobs.  
  • provides $160B to reopen schools and keep them open.

A February survey from the Federal Reserve found that 9 million small business owners fear their businesses won’t survive the pandemic without more government relief. And former President Trump’s economic advisor stated that Biden’s relief plan is needed to stop a ‘negative spiral for the economy.’

Americans need help. House Republicans don’t care.

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