Pelosi Statement on Trump Administration’s Domestic Gag Rule on Title X

February 22, 2019
Press Release
San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the Trump Administration’s Domestic Gag Rule on Title X, which would have the effect of denying access to health care and family planning services to many vulnerable families:

“The Trump Administration’s Gag Rule strikes a staggering blow to women’s basic health rights. This outrageous assault on the health care of vulnerable and underserved women and families would choke off their access to affordable contraception, critical health information and preventive health care, gravely undermining the health and strength of America.

“Title X is the only federal grant initiative dedicated to providing family planning services to low-income and otherwise underserved individuals. This initiative is both overwhelmingly popular and powerfully transformative, providing confidential, medically accurate reproductive health information and vital services to four million families in communities across the country each year.

“Republicans must end their relentless assault on women’s health care and rights. The American people delivered a Congress that would protect their affordable, comprehensive health care, and our new Democratic Majority will be tireless in our defense of every American’s right to comprehensive, quality health care.”