House GOP v. GOP Mayors on COVID Relief

February 26, 2021
USA Today: 'The need is real’: GOP mayors embrace Biden's COVID-19 relief plan even as Republican lawmakers pan it

While Congressional Republicans mock Americans’ urgent need for additional COVID relief, Republican mayors across the country are speaking out in support of the American Rescue Plan.

More than 30 Republican mayors issued an urgent call for Congress to take “immediate action” by passing the American Rescue Plan.  In a bipartisan letter to Congress, the mayors wrote that the legislation is “a crucial step to making meaningful progress in one of the most challenging moments in our country’s history” and that it would “preserve critical public sector jobs and help drive our economic recovery.” 

In addition to their praise for the ARP, several Republican mayors specifically called out Congressional Republicans and expressed their frustration with House Republicans’ dangerous, partisan obstruction:

USA Today:

“[E]ven in Mesa, Arizona, where revenue collections increased slightly – thanks to healthier sales tax collections than expected from online shopping – Republican Mayor John Giles said it hasn't been enough to cover the city's expanded services during the pandemic.

“‘I'm just scratching my head trying to figure out why this would be a partisan issue,’ Giles said, ‘because what we're talking about is COVID relief, which should be a nonpartisan issue.’”

“‘I'm a one-issue voter,’ said David Holt, Republican mayor of Oklahoma City. [...] ‘If it's good for cities, and especially for Oklahoma City, I'm going to be supportive.  The $350 billion for cities and states is a no-brainer to me, regardless of your political party.’”

“Arlington, Texas, Mayor Jeff Williams, a Republican and top point person with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to push for the relief bill, compared the pandemic to a flood that would result in federal aid for emergency services.

“‘There wouldn't be anybody saying that it was a bailout,’ Williams said.  ‘Well, this is a natural disaster that we have in the pandemic.  Unlike a flood that comes and is over in a few days, this pandemic has continued on and we don't know when the end of it is.’”

Those excerpts only provide a small glimpse into the wide support for the American Rescue Plan.  See below for a list of the more than 30 Republican mayors across the country supporting the ARP and read the full USA Today piece on their letter here.

  1. Christina Muryn, Mayor of Findlay, OH
  2. Jeff Williams, Mayor of Arlington, TX
  3. Becky Ames, Mayor of Beaumont, TX
  4. Dan Pope, Mayor of Lubbock, TX
  5. Scott Singer, Mayor of Boca Raton, FL
  6. Steven 'Steve' V. Ponto, Mayor of Brookfield, WI
  7. Harry LaRosiliere, Mayor of Plano, TX
  8. Elizabeth B. Kautz, Mayor of Burnsville, MN
  9. James Brainard, Mayor of Carmel, IN
  10. Brad Hart, Mayor of Cedar Rapids, IA
  11. Judith 'Judy' Paul, Mayor of Davie, FL
  12. Harry Sidhu, Mayor of Anaheim, CA
  13. Acquanetta Warren, Mayor of Fontana, CA
  14. Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth, TX
  15. Jerry Dyer, Mayor of Fresno, CA
  16. Jerry Weiers, Mayor of Glendale, AZ
  17. Don Ryan, Mayor of Hempstead, NY
  18. William 'Bill' D. McLeod, Mayor of Hoffman Estates, IL
  19. John Giles, Mayor of Mesa, AZ
  20. Lester Friedman, Mayor of Beverly Hills, CA
  21. Francis X. Suarez, Mayor of Miami, FL
  22. Miles Atkins, Mayor of Mooresville, NC
  23. Ana M. Ziade, Mayor of North Lauderdale, FL
  24. Kent Guinn, Mayor of Ocala, FL
  25. David Holt, Mayor of Oklahoma City, OK
  26. Richard C. David, Mayor of Binghamton, NY
  27. Bryan K. Barnett, Mayor of Rochester Hills, MI
  28. Karen K. Alexander, Mayor of Salisbury, NC
  29. Michael Vandersteen, Mayor of Sheboygan, WI
  30. Michael C. Taylor, Mayor of Sterling Heights, MI
  31. Laura Hoydick, Mayor of Stratford, CT
  32. Douglas J. Nicholls, Mayor of Yuma, AZ