Dear Colleague on Passing of the American Rescue Plan

February 27, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

This morning, President Biden graciously called to thank us for passing the American Rescue Plan.  As I convey his appreciation to you, I do so with great pride in the commitment and courage of our Caucus to meet the needs of the American people.

Late last night, in passing the American Rescue Plan, the Congress took a momentous step forward to ensure that, as President Biden promised, Help Is On The Way.  It is in a spirit of great gratitude that I congratulate our dazzling Chairs, Members and staff for their masterful, timely and values-based leadership in bringing us to this very important moment for the American people.

The American Rescue Plan is coronavirus-centric.  It delivers the decisive action that families and small businesses demand and need.  This package puts vaccines in people’s arms, puts money in workers’ pockets, puts children safely back in school, puts people back in work.  It does so by honoring our heroes with state and local funding. 

As you know, this package will be transformative: lifting 12 million Americans out of poverty, generating $1.25 for every dollar spent and making historic progress for our children and country by cutting child poverty in half.

As we send this legislation to the Senate, the House will continue our Fight for 15, which would give 27 million American workers a raise.  The minimum wage increase is a financial necessity for our families, an effective stimulus for our economy and a moral imperative for our country.  This is an issue of values for us.  We will seek a solution consistent with the Senate rules, and we will do so as soon as possible.  Updates will be ongoing.

Again, thank you for your patriotic leadership, which is making a difference to save the lives and livelihoods of the American people.