Pelosi Remarks at Photo Opportunity with Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó

February 6, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a photo opportunity today with Interim President Juan Guaidó of Venezuela.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks:

Speaker Pelosi.  I am very honored that you’re here – honored that you’re here.  Thank you for your courage and your leadership.

Good afternoon, everyone.  It is a great honor to welcome to the Capitol the – we consider to be – the President of Venezuela.  We were all thrilled that he was at the State of the Union address the other day and received such and overwhelming, bipartisan welcome to the Capitol. 

We believe that the plight of the people of Venezuela is a challenge to the conscience of the world, and we will all stay with you, Mr. President, in that fight.  We want free and fair elections.  We want strong bonds between our two countries.  We want the oil executives, who were rounded up by the corrupt Maduro regime, to be released.  And again, this is something that we care about deeply.  That’s why I am so proud that we were able to pass the Temporary Protected Status [bill] as one way to be helpful to the Venezuelan people who have come out.

Now, I’ve been to Venezuela [under] a previous regime – that was terrible.  This is worse.  I really thank the President for his courage.  I’ve been in Europe a number of times this year, and to see the support that he has across all of Europe is quite remarkable.

Mr. President, thank you for your courage.  Thank you for your leadership.  Thank you for honoring us with your presence today.