Dear Colleague on Rescuing the American People, While Holding Trump Accountable

February 9, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Today is an important day in the life of our Country.  In the Senate, our House Managers, under Congressman Jamie Raskin’s leadership, will be defending the Constitution and our Democracy.  In the House, our Committees are implementing the Preamble to the Constitution by writing the American Rescue Plan into legislation.  Our Committees will follow the instructions of the budget resolution, which was passed on Friday.

Under the leadership of our Chairs, we are demonstrating that we can do our work without abandoning our principles and our responsibility to honor our oath of office and in holding the House to a high standard of integrity.

As soon as we pass the American Rescue Plan, we will send it to the Senate for further legislative action to be signed by President Biden before unemployment benefits expire.

As I have often said of the House Democratic Caucus, you are the most effective and representative body of leaders of integrity, imagination and intellect working For The People.  Thank you for the special role that you play in the collaboration of necessary action in this time of crisis of pandemic, of economic insecurity and of the assault on our democracy. 

Let us pray for the over 465,000 who have died from the coronavirus, as we work to save lives and livelihoods and as we work to save our Democracy.

Thank you for your leadership and courage.