Dear Colleague to All Members on Coronavirus Response Efforts During District Work Period

March 15, 2020
Press Release

Dear Colleague,

Thanks to the Members of the House for passing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act: strong, bipartisan legislation that protects families’ health, economic security and well-being.  This legislation, in addition to our $8.3 billion emergency response supplemental package, is a stimulus to the economy and assists in addressing the urgency of testing, testing, testing. 

We have already begun work to develop a third emergency response package that will continue to put Families First.

As you know, at the direction of the Sergeant at Arms, the House and Senate have canceled Capitol tours for now.  As the House continues our work to confront this public health emergency, we must ensure that we can continue to serve our constituents effectively.  The health and safety of our staff is essential to this mission.  

In bipartisan consultation with the Attending Physician and the Sergeant at Arms, and out of an abundance of caution, I am writing to encourage you to take steps to promote social distancing within your Washington, D.C. office as we engage in the District Work Period.  This may entail more than half of your Washington staff teleworking from home.  

For guidance, I encourage you to consult this link on telecommuting policies from the Committee on House Administration.  My thanks to Chair Zoe Lofgren for her leadership to make all this possible.

As always, I encourage you to consult the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control for further information on preventing the spread of coronavirus.  

As this public health emergency develops, the House will continue to take strong, strategic and science-based action to keep the American people safe and ensure the continuity of Congressional operations (COOP).

I wish you and your family a healthy and productive District Work Period.  Thank you for your continued leadership and patriotism during this difficult time.

best regards,