Pelosi Statement on Shootings in Georgia

March 17, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the shootings in Georgia that killed eight people:

“All Americans are praying for the victims of the brutal shootings in Georgia, and we grieve with their families and loved ones.

“These shootings are a vicious and vile act that compound the fear and pain that Asian-Americans face each day.  It is a profound and cruel injustice that, amid the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis, the AAPI community also faces the surging threat of violent and deadly attack.  The nearly 3,800 reports of incidents targeting the AAPI community over the past year are a challenge to the conscience of the country.

“Answers are urgently needed to determine whether this deadly attack was a hate crime, and what can be done to prevent such an act from ever again happening.

“Our entire nation must come together to speak out to Stop Asian Hate.  President Biden is to be commended on his executive actions to condemn these attacks and to empower the Justice Department to combat the violence.  And, led by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, we will continue our work to end violence and bigotry in America.”