Pelosi Statement on 100 Million Vaccinations Under the Biden Administration

March 19, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Biden-Harris Administration announced it had administered 100 million vaccines to the American people in just 58 days:

“Today is a day of great hope and progress for our nation as the Biden-Harris Administration makes good on its promise to get 100 million vaccines into people’s arms in the first 100 days – reaching their goal 42 days early.  This momentous achievement is a giant leap forward and builds on the President’s commitment to ensuring every adult in America can be eligible for a vaccine by the beginning of May. 

“Since Day One, the Biden-Harris Administration has shown decisive leadership and taken bold action to crush this virus and get the American people the resources and support they need.  With the passage of the Biden American Rescue Plan, the Administration and Congressional Democrats have delivered robust relief to get vaccines in people’s arms, money in their pockets, children safely back in schools and workers in jobs.  Help Is Here.

“As we celebrate this important milestone, we must keep moving forward until every American is vaccinated and our communities are finally safe from the vicious virus.”