Right on Time: Another House Republican Voted No but Bragged About Rescue Plan Dough

March 30, 2021
Cawthorn Becomes Latest Republican to Brag About Rescue Plan Funding

Right in time for the district work period, Rep. Madison Cawthorn became the latest House Republican to vote no on the American Rescue Plan but take credit for its work to put vaccines in arms, money in pockets, children back in school safely, and people back in jobs.  

Cawthorn tweeted Tuesday that he was “happy to announce” American Rescue Plan funding that he himself voted to block for health centers in his North Carolina district.


Cawthorn joins Rep. Glenn Grothman and Rep. Lee Zeldin in attempting to take credit with their constituents for the widely popular plan that House Republicans voted unanimously to block.  

Republicans have openly admitted that they “bungled” their messaging around the American Rescue Plan.  They’ve now resorted to voting no, taking the dough, and showing up at the ribbon cutting.