Pelosi Statement on Retirement of Reading Clerk Joe Novotny and Appointment of Tylease Alli

March 4, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the retirement of Reading Clerk Joe Novotny and on her appointment of Tylease Alli to serve as the new Reading Clerk:

“For over a decade, Reading Clerk Joe Novotny has served as the ‘Voice of the House,’ using his strong, steady presence and trusted leadership to advance the ability of the People’s House to do the people’s work.  His historic and effective leadership has helped engage and connect the American people with their democracy, particularly during the difficulty of the coronavirus pandemic, as he has ensured that legislative measures debated in the House are clearly articulated both to Members of Congress and the country.  On behalf of the United States House of Representatives, I thank Joe Novotny for his service and wish him the best in the next stages of his journey.

“As Speaker, I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Tylease Alli as the next Reading Clerk of the House of Representatives.  Tylease has effectively and impressively served in key roles in our institution for nearly two decades, including most recently as Chief Clerk on the Committee on Education and Labor.  She is known and respected by Members and staff on both sides of the aisle for her great experience, dedication and integrity.  Now, as Reading Clerk, Tylease will build on Joe Novotny’s legacy of service to help make the Congress more efficient, accessible and open to those we represent – so that we can advance progress For The People.”