What is President Trump Hiding?!

March 6, 2019
The American people want and deserve to know the truth.

A staggering new Quinnipiac poll released today found that 64 percent of Americans believe Trump committed crimes before taking office (including 65 percent of independents) – and 45 percent believe he has since taking office. No wonder that 65 percent of voters say that President Trump is not honest.

But what’s President Trump’s response to Democrats asking questions on behalf of the American people? Take a hike.

According to a new Politico report, the White House has launched a “fire-breathing campaign to attack House Dem probes.”

President Donald Trump’s strategy on congressional investigations has amounted to a two-pronged strategy: dodge requests — and attack, attack, attack.

The White House launched a fire-breathing public relations response to House Democrats while the Trump administration has refused or delayed turning over documents in 30 investigations by a dozen committees, according to House Democrats.

Already, the administration has failed to turn over requested documents covering a wide range of issues, from security clearances to Trump’s communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin to his policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the southern U.S. border.

In total, the administration has 30 times refused or delayed turning over documents to 12 House committees. Six administration officials refused to appear before five committees while two officials have refused to come in for interviews with two other committees, according to the document.

What is President Trump hiding?!

News flash Mr. President: the days of Congress turning a blind-eye to the Administration’s epic misconduct, corruption and incompetence are over. For two years, House Republicans refused to hold Trump and his administration accountable for its improprieties and its direct impact on the health and safety of the American people and our democracy.

Congress has a constitutional duty to restore checks and balances on the executive branch. House Democrats will be relentless in our pursuit to get the answers the American people deserve, clean up the corruption in Washington, and enact reforms that address the most pressing challenges facing our nation.