On CBS’ 60 Minutes, Speaker Pelosi Highlights Democrats’ Accomplishments in First 100 Days: ‘We feel successful in what we have done’

April 15, 2019
Press Release

This evening, CBS’ 60 Minutes aired an in-depth profile of Speaker Pelosi.  The Speaker discussed her historic Speakership and Democrats’ accomplishments For The People in the first 100 days of the 116th Congress, by taking steps to lower health care costs, increase workers’ paychecks by rebuilding America and clean up corruption in Washington.  Speaker Pelosi also discussed the necessity of transparency in a full, public release of the Mueller report to the American people and Congress.

Below are the highlights.

Speaker Pelosi on 60 Minutes


On Being the Most Powerful Woman in the History of U.S. Politics

“I think I happen to be a manifestation of the women power that is coming forth now, but only one manifestation.”

On Democrats’ Accomplishments For The People in the First 100 Days

“The power of the Speaker is to set the agenda.  We didn’t have a Speaker who would bring a gun bill to the Floor.  We didn’t have a Speaker who would bring a Dreamers issue to the Floor.  We do now.  And that’s a very big difference.  The power of the speaker is awesome.  Awesome.  We feel successful in what we have done.”

“We’ve only been together 100 days.  The fact that we even passed them in the House is a victory.  Let’s figure out the places, figure out where we can find common ground.  There’s always been bipartisan support for Dreamers, bipartisan support for gun safety, bipartisan support for infrastructure.”

“As our Founders said when they declared independence and established a new nation, the times have found us.  The times found Lincoln.  Not to be presumptuous, to put ourselves in those categories, but the times have found us.  Not because we’re so great, but because of the urgency that – of the situation that our country faces, because of the situation in the White House.”

On the Immediate Need for the Full Release of the Mueller Report

“The Mueller report is about an attack on our elections by a foreign government, and we want to know about that.  We want to know about that in terms of being able to prevent it from happening again.  So it’s bigger even than Donald Trump.”

On working with President Trump

“How would I describe him?  I think that he describes himself on a daily basis.  I think that there’s nobody in the country who knows better that he should not be President of the United States than Donald Trump… But I respect the office he holds.  And, he’s not worth the trouble of saying, ‘you’re so horrible, we can’t work together.’  No, we need to work together.”

“I think our future is strong enough, built on a strong foundation to withstand everything, including the current occupant of the White House.  I don’t think for two terms, though.”