At Georgetown Town Hall, Leader Pelosi Makes the Case for A Better Deal for Working Americans

April 24, 2018
Today, Leader Pelosi joined students for a town hall conversation moderated by Mo Elleithee at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service to discuss Democrats’ bold economic agenda A Better Deal.  During the discussion she highlighted Democrats’ commitment to fighting for the economic security of hard-working Americans through affordable health care, a fairer tax code and adding millions of good-paying jobs.

Leader Pelosi also encouraged students to know their power, contribute to public service and engage with the political process by voting, no matter their political preference.

Below are the highlights.

On Democrats’ A Better Deal Agenda:

“A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future, it is about fairness and justice.  Fairness is a value that everyone shares in our country.  Fairness of opportunity – fairness.  Under that rubric we will be putting forth some legislation as you asked, about what we will do when we win.”

“Democrats are about the future, we’re about our children, we’re about promoting justice and we’re about listening.”

“The things we are talking about, the President has been talking about, but we really haven’t seen to the measure we need to see.  Infrastructure.  Build the physical infrastructure, build the personal infrastructure and the Democratic infrastructure of our country.  Reduce the role of money in politics.  Reduce the role of money in politics.  Empower small donors, remove obstacles to participation.”

“It’s about one thing: the economic security of America’s working families.  There are plenty of other ideas that are in our DNA and that are going to be on our agenda.  In order to accomplish them, we have to win the debate on the economy.”

On the Impact of the GOP Tax Scam on Students:

“Here’s a tax bill that they advertise as a benefit for the middle class.  Did you know that 83 percent of the benefits of the tax bill go to the top one percent?  83 percent of the benefits to the top one percent.”

“The bill – and this is of interest to young people especially – the bill mortgages your future by adding two trillion dollars to the national debt.”

On the Necessity of Passing the DREAM Act Now:

“Give us a vote on our Dreamers.  We have the votes in the Congress to pass legislation for the Dreamers.  The Speaker won’t give us a vote.  Certainly that will be one of things we would do right away.”

“As far as the Dreamers are concerned, around 80 percent of the American people support the Dreamers.  And that’s because the Dreamers are the American Dream.  It’s a manifestation of the American Dream that people identify with. … We will pass legislation to protect the Dreamers.”

On Encouraging Young People to Engage in Public Service:

“The most important thing, whether Democrat or Republican, is for everyone to vote.  If you don’t vote, you really don’t count.”

“Voting – whatever your party – but participating so that people, elected officials or those that aspire to be elected officials know that you are paying attention.”

“Know your power, help shape what the agenda is, and vote, vote, vote.”