McCarthy Again Tries to Bury the Truth About Capitol Riot Phone Call with Trump

April 25, 2021
Minority Leader Continues to Shift Story Regarding the January 6th Insurrection

Days after his Members accused him of “losing control” of his caucus and placating the “decaf version of the KKK,” Minority Leader McCarthy again tried to bury the truth about his phone call with former President Trump during January 6th’s violent insurrection at the Capitol.

On Fox News Sunday, McCarthy invented yet another story to excuse Trump’s conduct.  McCarthy also contradicted Rep. Jamie Herrera-Buetler’s account of a heated phone call between the Minority Leader and former President.


McCarthy’s most recent attempt to rewrite the history of January 6th’s violent insurrection caps off a week where his Members openly questioned whether he is up to the task of combatting the racist and anti-Semitic elements of the House Republican Conference.

McCarthy previously claimed Trump was to blame for the violent attack he incited at the Capitol.  McCarthy has since walked back that claim and argued “all Americans” bear responsibility for the violent attack carried out by supporters of former President Trump.