Family Feud: House GOP Edition

April 27, 2021
McCarthy Again Undermines Cheney for Telling the Truth about January 6th

Another day, another controversy coming out of the House GOP policy retreat.  In a press conference today, Minority Leader McCarthy repeatedly criticized his third in command, Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney for the apparently unacceptable acts of …. supporting a bipartisan commission to study the January 6th insurrection and being consistent in her view that elected officials should not spread lies about our elections.  

While McCarthy continues to throw punches at Cheney, he has been conspicuously quiet and defensive when asked about other controversies among House Republicans, including accusations of racism, nativism, and even sex trafficking.

Punchbowl reporter Jake Sherman just reported on the latest from McCarthy:


Jake Sherman Tweet


It’s no wonder why McCarthy is trying to undermine Cheney given his own record of flip-flopping on the subject of January 6th.  First, he correctly said that “The president bears responsibility for [January 6th’s] attack on Congress by mob rioters.”  But, since then, McCarthy has walked back his comments and invented story after story to try to win back Trump’s favor.

Ultimately, instead of pushing forward a unified message from House Republicans, their policy retreat has only highlighted the deep divisions within their party and McCarthy’s weakness as Minority Leader.