Stephen Colbert: Republicans Voted No, But Took the Dough

April 30, 2021
Republicans Scramble to Cover Up Vote Against Rescue Plan’s Small Business Relief

House Republicans unanimously voted against the overwhelmingly popular American Rescue Plan.  Now they’re scrambling to cover up for their votes to block vaccines in arms, money in pockets, Americans in jobs, and kids back in school.

This week alone, half-a-dozen House Republicans have been exposed for voting against relief for struggling restaurants – and doubling back to take credit for it.

Republican shamelessness around the American Rescue Plan is a helpful preview of the credit-claiming Republicans will soon attempt with the jobs and infrastructure projects created by the American Jobs Plan.

WATCH: Colbert Segment On Republicans Voting No But Taking The Dough


Since the press release mentioned on the Late Show was sent, 3 MORE Republicans have been busted for voting no but taking the dough: Rep. Jim Hagerdorn of Minnesota, Rep. Andrew Garbarino of New York, Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas.  And bonus hypocrisy points to Rep. Garbarino as this is his second time being caught for promoting the success of the American Rescue Plan in spite of voting against it.