Pelosi Statement Calling for Immediate Investigation into Abuse and Mistreatment of Pregnant Women in DHS Custody

April 9, 2020
Press Release

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement calling on the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General to conduct an investigation into recent reports of severe mistreatment of pregnant women legally seeking asylum in the United States:

“The reports of abuse and neglect inflicted by U.S. immigration agents on a pregnant Guatemalan woman in labor during asylum processing insist that we investigate this unacceptable behavior.   

“Very sadly, the appalling and inhumane situation that this woman faced is not an isolated case.  There is a pattern of U.S. officials denying and delaying medical treatment to pregnant women and subjecting them to prolonged detention and inappropriate treatment in inadequate facilities.  This mistreatment is more disturbing and dangerous, as the coronavirus crisis threatens the health and lives of the most vulnerable among us.

“As Speaker of the House, I join Senator Blumenthal and other Senators in calling on the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General to immediately conduct an investigation into reports of abuse and mistreatment of pregnant people in their custody.  

“As we observe Holy Week, Passover and Ramadan, we pray for all who are suffering during this heartbreaking time.  We also pray that those in power will remember their moral responsibility to ensure that all people are treated with compassion and dignity.”