House GOP Still Standing Behind Trump Administration’s Assault on Health Care

May 1, 2019

Remember that photo?

Two years ago this weekend, May 4, 2016, House Republicans joined President Trump in the Rose Garden to celebrate the House passage of Trumpcare: legislation that would have gutted protections for people with pre-existing conditions, pushed 23 million Americans off health coverage, imposed an age tax on the health coverage of older Americans and more.

Tonight, the Trump Administration is returning to that same monstrous campaign – asking the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to destroy protections for people with pre-existing conditions and strike down every protection and benefit the Affordable Care Act provides.

And while Republicans aren’t partying in the White House this time, their votes show they are still standing shoulder to shoulder with the Trump Administration’s all-out assault on people with pre-existing conditions and all Americans’ health care.

The House Democratic majority has voted three times in opposition to the suit – and it could not be more clear where House Republicans stand:

  • On January 3, 194 House Republicans Voted Against authorizing the House counsel to seek to intervene as a party in Texas v. United States to defend protections for people with pre-existing conditions and protect quality, affordable coverage for 20 million Americans;
  • On January 9, 192 House Republicans Voted Against affirming the House counsel’s authorization to intervene in Texas v. United States;
  • On April 3, 185 House Republicans Voted Against calling on the Justice Department to reverse its position in Texas v. United States and condemn the Trump Administration’s assault on health care.

Enough is enough.  Instead of being full accomplices in sabotaging Americans’ health care, House Republicans should join Democrats in fighting for bold action to lower health costs and prescription drug prices For The People.