Pelosi Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May 1, 2021
Press Release

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement in recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month:

“During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Americans celebrate our nation’s vibrant, diverse AAPI communities and their many contributions to our nation.  Generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have proudly served and led our nation, including today on the frontlines of our pandemic response, where they are risking their lives to save the lives of others.  Our AAPI community makes America more American.

“While Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have long been the targets of racism and xenophobia, the pandemic has fueled a heartbreaking wave of hateful speech and violent attacks against these communities.  That is why, this month, the House will pass and send to President Biden’s desk robust hate crimes legislation, which builds on the President’s Day One and March 30 executive actions to strengthen our nation’s defenses against these un-American acts of bigotry and violence.  Working in unison, the Congress and the White House will not relent until every American can feel safe in their community and live free from the fear of being attacked simply because of who they are.

“Despite the injustices they have endured, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders continue to bless our nation with rich culture, beautiful diversity and powerful resilience.  This is on display every day in San Francisco, where we take great pride in being home to the nation's oldest Japantown, one of the largest Chinatowns, a courageous cohort of Filipino veterans, many hard-working Pacific Islander students and countless other ethnic communities.  To commemorate this special month, let us pledge to always stand with our AAPI friends, family and neighbors as we strive to fulfill our founding promise as a nation of immigrants and build a brighter future for all.”